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Julie is a journalistic and broadcasting agency that realizes services for Information and Communication.

The company, one of the major in South Italy, was founded in the 2002 with intention of enriching the service field into a large area in evolution and fundamental importance.

Julie is a pioneer in making new television contents and it is equipped with own production studios.

Julie was among the first agencies to assist the local televisions giving them a plus value with services and news with great interest locally and nationally.

The ability to be into the news, to grasp the facts live, to transmit in real time easily and capillary, makes Julie an indispensable partner for those who work in strategic areas of Communication and Information.

From Julie’s television studios broadcast live all editions of the daily news of Telelibera, Retepiù Italia, Julie Channel (Sky 921) and on streaming on the present website. Julie has an editorial line that follows a fundamental principle "Truth and transparency to the base of Information". Based on this principle, many current investigations, subject of the judiciary, had already anticipated by us, suffering also retaliations so to lead us in silence.
Many authoritative voices of our institutions, both national and regional, alternate and have alternated to our microphones. The weekly heading "Qui Regione" with the councilmen of Region Campania tackles the issues of regional interest, from health to the environment. The transmission "Obbligo Informativo" with the Assessor for Education, Training and Employment tackles the issues of work, safety at work and the activities organized in schools. We participate in the activities of politics, not only local, justice, labor and mobility through enquiries and discussions by the transmission "Report". Our professional journalists are accredited to collect to our microphones exclusive interviews with authoritative representatives of national politics. Other our flagship is the "Tg dei ragazzi" conceived by the author Prof.ssa Santina Mutto. It is a news made in collaboration with the Department of Education of Region Campania and conducted by the students of neapolitan schools.
In years Julie, in exclusive, broadcasts all matches involving the Basket Naples today’s called Eldo (male's basketball series A) and Phard Naples Basketball (female's basketball series A1).
The Julie’s cameras follow not only basketball but also football with "Linea diretta con i tifosi" and motors with Mip. In Linea diretta con i tifosi we comments on the sporting events of the week through interviews, external connections and participation in direct of viewers. Auto, Offshore, motorcycle, karting and tuning are the central subject of Mip with guests in the studio to comment on the news concerning the major championships of the various disciplines of motoring. To the news services are added issues about education and safety guide made in collaboration with the Police and the A.C.I..

The circuits, national, international and satellite broadcasters, that broadcast our programming are: First Broadcasting Network, Mediaset, Videotime, Rai, Credinvest International, la Compagnie Des Phares et Balises, Telelibera, Retepiù Italia, Julie channel (sky 921), Denaro tv (Sky 878), Cds Benevento, Tv Oggi Salerno, Italiamia, Italiamia2, Tvluna, Tvluna2, Teleradiomatese, Telenostra, Canale 10.

Julie provides daily services, specials, interview, live broadcast.

Julie is an agency projected forward, focusing the changes and strongly oriented to the market.
With flexible services, achieved through an efficient organization and drafting qualified professionals, all television company can enrich its content offering.

Julie broadcasts its information contents through satellite platform, which coordinates are: 13° East Hotbird Frequency 11.926 FEC ¾ Symbol rate 27.500, as well as analog, digital terrestrial and on streaming on this website.

Julie has got technological and vanguard equipment including the Regia Mobile (OB Van)

Per la PRODUZIONE la Julie si avvale di:

  • N.3 TROUPE ENG munite di camcorder beta sp
  • Sony bvw 400 - AP...
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